Emerald Mosley

Freelance integrated graphic + digital designer

Working as a freelance integrated graphic designer with an illustrative background, I love to see a project grow from the initial briefing through to the finished piece, and pride myself on the care and attention given throughout the process. I will work with you from the initial research and conceptual stages of a project, through to the end result applying solid practical print and digital design skills along the way. I include, where relevant, advice about writing for digital platforms, social media strategies, accessibility issues and useful SEO. Iā€™m always looking for interesting projects or clients, so please get in touch.

“I feel like the best money I spent was asking Emerald to create my brand with me. She gave my brand style and most importantly personality which delights customers.” Eloise Grey, Founder ā€“ Eloise Grey

“Emerald has the rarest combination of lighthearted creativity, design savvy, technological expertise, and reliability. Clone her! It would make life much more simple.” Debi Ani, Founder ā€“ Oro Design

  • Software skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML5 / CSS, RWD / UI/X, Flash / jQuery, Wordpress, e-commerce, Social media, SEO optimisation

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